About Us

Big Dog Marine LLC is a company with a single purpose: to provide boat builders with high quality carbon canisters at the lowest cost possible. We can offer lower costs than our competitors because of our minimal overhead. The products are high quality, 100% inspected for pressure and flow performance, and come with world class technical expertise and support.

Big Dog Marine offers marine grade fuel vapor carbon canisters that will come EPA certified for use in recreational marine applications. Our Certificate Of Conformance (COC) shelters the boat builder from EPA risk under regulation CFR40. We provide comprehensive system installation instructions, with step by step guidance, for a simple compliant installation to any style boat.

Founded in 2019 by marine diurnal fuel system pioneer Sean Whelan P.E., Big Dog Marine is a name you can trust to provide expert technical guidance and superior engineering efficiencies.

Sean Whelan P.E. is the trusted name that "wrote the book" on marine evaporative fuel systems and regulatory affairs. His accomplishments include:

Inventor of ten US patents on Marine Fuel Systems

Holds degrees from

Boater of inland lakes in Michigan for 20 years following his love for water, boats, and water based sports.

Sean has spent the majority of his career designing and engineering marine fuel systems with a passion. His vast experience has resulted in a cost effective, high quality alternative for boat builders to choose as they decide on an EPA compliant fuel system. His lifelong dream of owning his own business combined with his passion for boating have melded into the products and services offered by Big Dog Marine.