Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to certify or notify the EPA or CARB if I switch to Big Dog Marine Carbon Canisters?
A: No need to contact EPA. With Big Dog Marine Carbon Canisters and Deck Fills the boat builder is completely covered by the component COC (certificate of conformity) and Executive Orders.  CARB does require that the builder update their application form to include the Big Dog EO numbers.  


Q: Do I need to have my fuel systems approved by Big Dog Marine?
A: No. Our subject matter expert is happy to help you with system designs and protecting the carbon from liquid water or fuel however it is not required. All that you are required to do is install per our instruction sheets.


Q: Can I switch my current Carbon Canister Diurnal Fuel System to a Big Dog Marine Canister?
A: Yes, we pride ourselves on the ease and convenience to switch. Our canisters are a simple plug & plug swap with all major canister systems due to our high performance, industry standard hose barbs, and standard attachment brackets.


Q: Can I switch my Pressure Relief based Diurnal Fuel System to a Big Dog Marine Carbon Canister system?
A: Yes, however our non-pressurized carbon canister system will require additional component changes such as a simplified deckfill, and anti-siphon valve.


Q: Are Big Dog Marine Canisters ABYC certified?
A: Big Dog Marine Canisters are designed and validated to the strictest performance standards. They are not an ABYC certified component, however our canisters pass every requirement in C-2 Carbon Canisters for Marine Applications.


Q: Are your canisters CARB approved and available for sale in California?
A: Yes.  Big Dog Marine canisters are now approved for sale in California per EO RM-20-001 and RM-20-0002. 


Q: Is there a heat shielded version available?   

A: Yes, there are now versions available with heat shields for installation in engine compartments.