Why Choose Us?

More performance for less money in a tighter package.  


Big Dog Marine is a company with a single purpose: to provide boat builders with high quality fuel components with best in class service and support.  The products are high quality, 100% digitally tested for pressure and flow performance, and come with world class technical expertise and support.


Big Dog Marine carbon canisters and deck fills come EPA and CARB certified for use in recreational marine applications.  Our EPA Certificate Of Conformity (COC) and CARB Executive Orders shelter the boat builder from diurnal emission regulatory exposure. We provide comprehensive system installation instructions with step by step guidance for a simple compliant installation to any style boat.


These parts are an easy "Plug & Play" change to your current fuel systems and come in various shapes and sizes for your packaging convenience.    


We encourage you to contact us for further information regarding Big Dog Marine and how we can serve you.